A step forward in
your human resources

Talent &

Over 20 years recruiting managing executives in the tourism sector and our experience in Hotel Management make us a solvent and strategic partner for the new times that arise.

We provide deep knowledge about the
hospitality industry worldwide,
having previous experience in the 5 continents,
being our Executive our main value, we generate real trust, we defent their interests and
we are aware of the value thatthey contribute to us,
therefore we enhance their talent
JCI Hospitality is your trusted partner in the search for tailormade solutions to your business, oriented to objectives, our contribution will largely be measured in variables, ensuring the optimization of management status.

Additional information


JCI hospitality helps you in managing your assets temporarily, or even occasionally in certain areas of your business. We make a tailored service based on the specific needs of your activity, both for repositioning, change/recover of management, adaptation to new service standards, restructuring, assessment...


We assist you in financial and operational management of your property to optimize resources and liquidity flows both in the short and long term. Even we analyze additional options to flows optimization.

Rent a Team

JCI hospitality puts at your disposal a team of professionals for a certain period of time to assist the management in those challenges that arise in the future.