Expatriation and Repatriation of Senior Executives


Our service is entirely customized. We actively listen, comprehend, and discern our client’s requirements to deliver bespoke solutions. By delving into your values, specific needs, organizational structure, and leadership preferences, we ensure the provision of the most suitable candidates for your company.

In an industry where confidentiality and trust are paramount, our well-established network grants us unrestricted access to top-tier talent. Presently, we represent over 42,500 highly qualified professionals with extensive international experience.

We guide you through the entire expatriation and repatriation journey.

Specializing in mobilizing executives globally, we assist individuals seeking an international lifestyle and those desiring to return to their home country.

Our focus is on finding the optimal match between company and management to minimize cultural clashes with both the destination country and the organization.

At JCI, we understand the complexities of international mobility and strive to facilitate the swift adaptation of both the manager and their family.

Interim Management:
At JCI Hospitality, we support you in overseeing your assets temporarily in specific areas of your business. We craft a personalized service tailored to the unique needs of your operations, be it for repositioning, management transitions, adaptation to new service standards, or restructuring.

Crisis Management: 
We aid in both financial and operational management of your property, optimizing resources and cash flows for both short-term and long-term benefits.

Rent a Team: 
JCI Hospitality offers a team of professionals for a predetermined duration, helping you navigate the challenges that may arise in your business.

We enhance our clients’ value through effective talent management, fostering opportunities, and driving change to contribute to the growth of both the tourism and hotel sectors.


At JCI, we provide customized solutions in the field of human resources, channeling our efforts toward the selection and recruitment of executives and middle managers within the hotel industry. Our expertise lies in tailoring recruitment solutions for specific positions across the operational and strategic areas of the hotel business.

We offer tailored solutions in human resources, specifically addressing the management and executive roles according to your needs.

Leveraging our prior experience, we deliver a disruptive, efficient, and agile service to enhance strategic and operational aspects within the hospitality business.

With our service, JCI New Openings, we provide a dual offering that includes talent acquisition and the development of hospitality projects from inception. Additionally, we offer outsourcing solutions for your Human Resource Department.

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